Who Is 'Ellie Grace'?


Thanks for stopping by on my website. For me, the whole reason I love being an artist is that I enjoy connecting with people, communicating who I am and finding others who relate to me. This is why I wanted to personally say hi and introduce myself further.

So...I'm Ellie. I was born on April 1st, which I have always been made very well aware is April Fools Day. I think the people closest to me will find that pretty fitting. Being born on this day also makes me an Aries, which I relate to HARD. I'm pretty much a cookie-cutter Aries. I'm headstrong, a leader, independent, competitive, incredibly firey, I love adventures and I get passionate about things quickly. I'm also a Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising. I actually really love astrology. I'm obsessed with the moon and the stars and the universe in general and, for me, astrology always tends to be pretty accurate. I'm a vegetarian, which is partly inspired by my idea of spirituality, but I'm currently not mature enough to let go of my cheese obsession and become vegan. I'm a proud Londoner. I adore my city. I think she's beautiful and cultured and diverse and exciting. I always feel inspired when walking around London. Speaking of pride, I'm a huge advocate of LGBTQ+ rights and am proud to be part of such a COOL community. I will never be scared to say that I'm a feminist, because it just means that I support gender equality and I have so much faith in society breaking away from patriarchal norms. That all being said, I am a super chilled when it comes to my politics and only ever feel the need to voice it when I see a real injustice. I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness as it has affected my life in various ways and I love how much more of a conversation it is becoming. I have a huge sense of wanderlust and traveling is one of my favourite things to do in the world. Travel and art go hand in hand for me and it honestly ignites my soul (too much? Nah.) I've traveled across loads of Europe, been to the USA a few times, traveled Australia and have been to a couple of places in North Africa, but honestly my bucket list is never ending. Oh, I have jumped out of a plane so that's a thing. If you're reading this I'm sure you already know I'm a singer-songwriter. I've written songs since I was 9 years old so it's kind of the only way I know how to deal with things. I used to write country music because I love telling stories, but now I've learned you can still tell beautiful stories over electronic drums and synth pads, so I write electro-pop now. If you see me out and about past 8pm I'll almost definitely be in sequins, glitter or (faux) fur. I honestly just love anything sparkly and fluffy. I have two cats and my favourite colours are grey and dusky pink. People are often surprised to know I have A-Levels in French and Maths as well as Music Technology and that, yes, I did do a 'real' degree in songwriting and that is an actual thing.

So...That's pretty much a summary. I'm sure there's loads more you could get out of me, so just feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading this far, please make sure to say hi!

Speak soon,

Ellie Grace xo