Ellie Grace London's Scarlet Singer-Songwriter




Thanks for stopping by on my website. For me, the whole reason I love being an artist is that I enjoy connecting with people, communicating who I am and finding others who relate to me. This is why I wanted to personally say hi and introduce myself further.

I made the following blog post to do just that, so please CLICK HERE!

Ellie Grace: The bold and unapologetic London based singer-songwriter, with a passion for grabbing people's attention with performances as vibrant as her red hair. Ellie tells raw stories through a fresh blend of indie rock and electro-pop in her DIY solo project, through single releases and music videos. This Aries moon-gazer has the ability to light up any room with her excitable energy and keeps eyes fixated on her every move.

Ellie has been obsessed with songwriting since the age of nine. She started off as a young poet playing the acoustic guitar in her childhood home in South East London. Growing up with parents who worked hard so they could help support her dreams, Ellie was encouraged to perform, write and find herself as an artist from an early age. After writing hundreds of songs about friendships, unrequited love and the struggles that come with being a misunderstood pre-teen, a young Ellie Grace was starting to discover that songwriting was going to be the tool she'd use to navigate through her life. Over time, this personal and vulnerable tone that Ellie has always applied to her lyrics has allowed her to develop a very raw, honest and relatable writing style. 

Having a natural tendency to push herself to be the best she can be, Ellie worked hard on broadening her musical knowledge as she grew older. She achieved various qualifications in music, including an A-level in music technology and Grade 8 in acoustic guitar, finally graduating university with Honours in Songwriting in 2018. Her degree in songwriting developed skills far beyond what it may suggest, giving her a well-rounded knowledge of music business and a polished and confident performance style.

Her early influences were incredibly varied, ranging from country artists such as Lady Antebellum to rock artists such as Paramore. She originally fell in love with writing country and folk music due to its story-telling nature, but nowadays Ellie has more fun applying her descriptive lyrics to the beats and synth sounds of Electro-Pop. Being hugely inspired by lyricists such as Alanis Morissette and Taylor Swift and pop acts such as Halsey and FLETCHER, Ellie is enjoying the fact that pop music can be just as moving and narrative as its contemporary alternatives.

A self-confessed hopeless romantic, she has come to realise that love stories aren’t always sweet and sad tales aren’t always poetic, and so her new music is driven by female power, a brutal honesty and loss of any fear of judgement. Folk song craft and synth-pop fuse together to tell a story of a London girl who will no longer be censored or silenced.

Ellie's music has received exciting coverage. She has had radio play and interviews on BBC Radio Kent, BCB Radio, OVERVIEW Radio and Idobi Anthm. She has received lovely reviews from music blogs such as Real Real Clout, Le Future Wave and Cheers To The Vikings. Her music has also been playlisted in PPL spaces in the UK and has therefore been played in shops, restaurants and other public places.

She performs her material as a solo artist in renowned live music venues across London and has taken some exciting opportunities to showcase her music further afield, such as during a live tour of Northern Italy. 

Since beginning professional performance, Ellie has fallen in love with the emotion in the room when singing someone’s favourite song at a pivotal moment in their life and so she enjoys also performing at weddings and private parties.

In addition to her solo artist project, Ellie provides vocals in function band 'GRACE The Trio', is the front-woman in Taylor Swift tribute band 'Fearless' and gives private music tuition. She is also embarking on many writing projects, working with renowned producers and writers worldwide on songs both for herself and other artists.